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A letter from our founder, John Souza.

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In my opinion, there is no part of the US economy more important than
small businesses

The reality is, that over my career working in leadership roles on Wall Street and at some of the largest banks in the world, I have seen the sad truth:

Small Businesses are often the first forgetten.

They are simply too small to support and too many to count
even though these businesses, in aggregate, are responsible for the majority of the income American families count on each month..

For the big companies, everything’s about the bottom line.

And I’ve seen how little care and respect
small businesses get, simply because
they are small.

they are so often overlooked, unsupported, and under-funded

by the people, companies, and government agencies that have the ability to make a real impact for them.

I remember, when I was a kid, my father actually knew the people who worked at many of the local businesses by name.

He’d say to me, ‘Let’s go see Mr. Henry at the bank’, it was a big deal, and when we walked in, there he was, Mr. Henry. I saw all these small business owners as rockstars of the community.

Back then, that was just the norm. You knew the baker, the dry cleaner, and the cashier at the grocery store.. You knew all these people by name. And you cared.

Imagine if we lived in a world where everyone
cared again about relationships in business...

About Mr. Henry at the bank? About Joe at the Auto shop? Or Ms Debra at the dry cleaners?

If we saw these owners as people and valued relationships and not just numbers on a loan application, how much BETTER would this economy and this world work for ALL OF US?

For the last 23 years, I’ve been on a personal mission:

To LIFT UP Small Businesses by bringing care and relationships
back to the forefront of American Business once again.

That’s why we’re here

giving you real communication and real community. Real Customer Success Agents and real American CPAs to do the complex accounting required for the ERTC filing process.

We’re dedicated to doing things the right way
to get you what you deserve. was founded because of this mission:

To give small business owners like you access to the community support and resources you need & deserve – so you can continue serving your own community.

Because YOU, the Small Business Owner,

Run This Country.

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And we’re going to do our best to be the support, expert resource, and friend you’ve always deserved.”

- John Souza, Founder
About Gradient text image is the nation’s largest ERTC Company. We help business owners like you navigate the complex filing process to receive the highest amount you legally qualify for from the Employee Retention
Tax Credit Program, so you can build, grow, and scale your business.

Yes, ERTC stands for Employee Retention Tax Credit, but to us, ERTC stands for something more:

Entrepreneurs Run The Country.

We know that YOU – the small business owner – are this nation’s future. And we’re here to do everything in our power to help you further yours. That’s why our mission is to empower small businesses by elevating your access to even more trusted resources you deserve.

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Meet the people whose voices you’re going to know so well.
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We Promise To:

Always Be Transparent.

Always Be Transparent.

Our word is everything. That’s why we always disclose any and all fees upfront. We want you to trust our process.

Value Mission OVER Money.

Value Mission OVER Money.

Our #1 focus is making an impact by helping small business owners thrive and continue serving their communities. Even if we cut into our own profits in the process, we’re going to get you all of the funding you deserve.

Act With Integrity.

Act With Integrity.

We do things the right way so when you receive your funding you never have to worry about the IRS knocking on your door.

Value YOU.


We believe in the old school way where relationships are everything. There will always be a real person to talk to, and to help guide you every step of the way with

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